Making content readily available and easy to access using the IPFS

When you think of content sharing, you probably think - 'Bandwidth, File Storage' and similar costs. These are the reasons why everyone doesnt run a content sharing website. This results in a single person in the community having to shoulder the burden, often at personal cost or relying on the charity of the users.

The IPFS (Interplanetary File System) is a form of decentralized internet that allows for content sharing and storage. It is free to use and once files are added to the network, they generally become available for as long as they are needed. The more the files are requested, the more available they become as they propagate across an invisible network that sits underneath the World Wide Web.

This site was created in January 2018 as a POC to show how game related content can easily be added to the IPFS network. You can upload your files here on this website, or follow our guide on how to add files using our downloadable console application.

Best of all, while your content becomes highly available across the world, it will only be accessible to those who know the identifier for your content. Share this identifier with your gaming community or friends to help them get the content they need.

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